Sunday, 11 November 2007

Finished my stripey Adult Surprise Jacket

MY DH took a photo of me in it which I am so not posting. The jacket looks lovely on, it is the rest of the photo I had a problem with. He must love me very much to think I looked OK in it! Beige curtains as a background makes me look like a zombie. And I have a bad hair day today.
My photography skills aren't much better, the jacket isn't really lop sided either.
I will sew on the buttons tonight so I can wear it tomorrow.

I used Patons Diploma Gold in 16 different colours knitted on 4mm needles in random stripes with a nod to the fibionnacci sequence (I hope my spelling is right) 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 or parts of it repeated. The buttons were a gift from a web friend in the USA who shares my interest in knitting. The colours were chosen to match the buttons. This looks longer when I am wearing it than when it is flat on the floor, and it measures what I intended it to. I followed another suggestion from a lovely lady on Ravelry for shaping the cuffs - knit 2 together all the way along. It is lovely & warm, too. Remains to be seen if my teenagers will be seen with me in it...

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