Thursday, 24 July 2008

In the Pink

Here is another shawl/stole I wrote up the pattern for as I went along. Well, almost. I love the way it falls in folds of lace or drapes across to hang over the opposite shoulder. Either way, it just stays put. As for the knitting, I like doing a purl 2 together. I found it odd, in a good way, to do patterning on the purl side rows instead of the knit side on the edging. But then, I am easily entertained!

Here is the second one, in cotton/viscose 4 ply from I had loads left on the cone, but the shawl went to live elsewhere within hours of completion & I forgot to weigh it.

Added 07/09/08

Added the PDF for the pattern.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Fish blanket 1 finished

Well, I just realised I forgot to load the finished fish photo, so here it is. I still have a few ends to sew in, but that won't be done until the other blankets are as near to completion.

Mystic Waters KAL

I need to keep a record of my progress on this one, to keep me knitting it. It is beautiful, but I keep putting it down because I think it will be too big when it is finished & that I am knitting it too loosely. I'm not, this cashmere will bloom when it is washed & look perfect. I hope. Swatch? Of course not.

Finished my stripey Adult Surprise Jacket

MY DH took a photo of me in it which I am so not posting. The jacket looks lovely on, it is the rest of the photo I had a problem with. He must love me very much to think I looked OK in it! Beige curtains as a background makes me look like a zombie. And I have a bad hair day today.
My photography skills aren't much better, the jacket isn't really lop sided either.
I will sew on the buttons tonight so I can wear it tomorrow.

I used Patons Diploma Gold in 16 different colours knitted on 4mm needles in random stripes with a nod to the fibionnacci sequence (I hope my spelling is right) 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 or parts of it repeated. The buttons were a gift from a web friend in the USA who shares my interest in knitting. The colours were chosen to match the buttons. This looks longer when I am wearing it than when it is flat on the floor, and it measures what I intended it to. I followed another suggestion from a lovely lady on Ravelry for shaping the cuffs - knit 2 together all the way along. It is lovely & warm, too. Remains to be seen if my teenagers will be seen with me in it...

Saturday, 22 September 2007

The fish blanket stalled again!

My fish knitting had to be put aside to make Millie her school cardigans as she is too little for the smallest size available. She is built like a stick with a 21" chest. They are both desperately trying not to pull a funny face here. Aaah!

I also received my invitation to join Ravelry.

I am gutted that my tesellated fish pattern I unvented my own self with great influence from has been hijacked by XRX publications, but as I have never seen that pattern until this evening, I am going to post mine here. I cannot see from photos available how similar our 2 patterns actually are, but it is the third time something I have made ends up as someone else's published design.

I would argue that we are all influenced by the same things & arrive at the same designs at the same time. It does mean that I get to wear the item as it hits the news stands, how cool is that?

Thursday, 23 August 2007

First of Three Tesselating Fish blankets

I really, really need to finish these, but I keep doing other stuff instead. To help me concentrate on these, I intend to take a weekly progress photo. Here is last Friday's... a bit more sewing noses together & then crocheting the strips together. I much prefer sewing, but it just doesn't look as nice, however long I look at it.

The bags trying to sneak in to the photo at the top are the other 2 blankets worth of fishes, but you can see them another day.

Sunday, 29 July 2007

The wedding

Here is a really bad photo of the wedding present dishcloths. This was the first attempt at arranging them in a witty or artful way, but it is the only photo I have. Looked a lot better with the dishcloth fairy clutching the real present (money) but I think it would be really bad form to do show & tell so everybody could count it!

Well, the guests behaved well except for Millie, who loudly announced how bored she was at the critical moment during the ceremony, so we made a hasty exit out the back door as she kept saying, louder & louder, 'why do you keep shushing me, mummy?'
It was as lovely as a wedding can be. The weather and the hotel were gorgeous.

Any opportunity for a photo of Millie...don't you think the tattoo just sets it all off nicely? It was only supposed to last for 3 weeks 2 months ago, but Murphys Law triumphs again..

The cardigan is knitted from the top down in 100% cotton DK - no pattern, I made it up as I went along after I charted the lace flowers & stems, then used an edging pattern from Knitting Counterpanes Traditional Coverlet Patterns for Contemporary Knitters by Mary Walker Phillips . The lace flowers & leaves echo the design on her dress. She loves it as you can see!